These Are The Podcast Growth Strategies All The BIG PLAYERS Use!

These Are The Podcast Growth Strategies All The BIG PLAYERS Use!

Hello there! As an avid podcast enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the remarkable growth strategies employed by the big players in the industry. In this blog post, I am excited to share with you the game-changing tactics that have propelled these podcasts to incredible heights. From building a solid audience base to implementing effective marketing techniques, join me as we uncover the secrets behind the success of the podcasting giants. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of podcast growth strategies that all the big players use!

These Are The Podcast Growth Strategies All The BIG PLAYERS Use!


As an avid consumer of online content, I spend a significant amount of time watching popular podcasts in video format. It’s a great way to stay entertained and informed while multitasking. Listening to podcasts in video format allows me to watch and listen simultaneously, maximizing my productivity. Recently, I stumbled upon a video created by the renowned marketing expert, Neil Patel, where he shared some valuable insights into podcast growth strategies. In this article, I will discuss the key takeaways from Neil Patel’s video and delve deeper into the podcast growth strategies that the “big players” in the industry swear by.

Leveraging Video Format for Podcasts

If you’re creating a podcast, it’s worth considering doing it in video format. While traditional audio podcasts are still widely popular, the visual appeal of video can add an extra layer of engagement for your audience. Watching a podcast provides the opportunity to showcase facial expressions, gestures, and any visual aids that might accompany the discussion. By incorporating video, you can better convey your message and establish a stronger connection with your viewers.

Moreover, video podcasts can easily be repurposed and shared on social media platforms. You can extract clips, snippets, or even create promotional trailers that capture the essence of your podcast. Sharing your podcast as a video on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram can generate more engagement and plays. Visual content tends to perform better on social media, and videos have higher chances of going viral, thus expanding your reach and attracting new listeners.

Podcast Advertising for Rapid Growth

One effective strategy to boost your podcast growth is advertising another podcast. Collaborating with established podcasters in your niche can expose you to their existing audience and help you grow your own podcast quickly. By appearing as a guest on their show or featuring their podcast on yours, you create a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties gain exposure and reach new listeners.

Another podcast advertising method is leveraging collaborations with other podcasters. Partnering with like-minded individuals or influential figures in your industry can give your podcast a significant boost. These collaborations can take the form of joint episodes, guest appearances, or even cross-promotions where you recommend each other’s podcasts to your respective audiences. This strategy allows you to tap into a larger pool of potential listeners and provides an opportunity for valuable knowledge sharing and networking.


In conclusion, podcast growth strategies are essential for building and expanding your audience. By considering the utilization of video format, you can enhance your podcast’s engagement and reach through repurposing and sharing on social media platforms. Advertising another podcast and leveraging collaborations with other podcasters are also highly effective strategies that allow you to tap into new audiences and grow your podcast rapidly. Incorporating these techniques into your podcasting efforts can help you become one of the “big players” in the industry.


  1. How does watching podcasts in video format benefit me?
    • Watching podcasts in video format allows you to listen and watch simultaneously, maximizing your productivity.
  2. Can I repurpose a video podcast for social media?
    • Absolutely! Video podcasts can be easily repurposed and shared on various social media platforms to increase engagement.
  3. How can advertising another podcast help my own podcast grow?
    • Advertising another podcast exposes you to their existing audience and helps you attract new listeners and followers.
  4. What are the benefits of collaborating with other podcasters?
    • Collaborating with other podcasters allows you to tap into new audiences, gain valuable knowledge, and network with like-minded individuals.
  5. Will incorporating these podcast growth strategies ensure success?
    • While there are no guarantees, implementing these strategies has proven to be effective in rapidly growing a podcast and reaching a wider audience.

With all the podcast growth strategies discussed above, you can take your podcasting journey to the next level and join the ranks of the big players in the industry. So, go ahead and leverage the power of video format, collaborate with other podcasters, and watch your podcast thrive!

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